Deburring, Honing and Polishing with René Gerber AG

The range of machinery at René Gerber AG includes machines for precise deburring, edge rounding and polishing. We are one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of micro-preparation of the cutting edges of machining and stamping tools. The many years of expertise in the area of brush deburring and polishing is particularly apparent in the new compact polishing machine CompactPolish, which we will present to the worldwide visitors at the EPHJ Geneva 2018.


Reflecting surfaces with the CompactPolish

René Gerber AG has developed a new face polishing machine called CompactPolish. If compactness redefines the process – then polishing goes into a new future: the credo is « beCompact ». For companies with the highest demands on surface quality and the finish of high-precision components. The machine is not only compact. She is also cleverly constructed and equipped with a modern control technology. But it is and remains the polish that convinces. The new face polishing machine is used for the machining of a wide variety of materials such as stainless steel, brass, ceramics, hard metal, plastics and composite materials.


Cutting edge preparation of machining tools with the BP-MX

Gerber brush polishing technology is recognized worldwide as a cost-effective, process-safe and proven process for the defined cutting-edge preparation of turning plates, profile cutting plates, drilling and milling tools, punching dies, dies and other tools. This technology produces not only defined radii in the micro range, but also reduces the cutting-edge surface by a factor of 3 and polishes the clamping surfaces / grooves.


The proven BP-MX system makes it possible. In combination with the new DIAFLEX diamond brush technology, completely new possibilities for cutting edge preparation are opened up and symmetrical and asymmetrical radii are reliably generated. The new technology generation has already been introduced at some tool manufacturers and delivers very good results of rounding HM, CBN and PKD inserts. Visit the complete system on our booth at the EPHJ and get advice from our specialists.


Thickness Grading Apparatus DS200

We are very proud to present at this year’s EPHJ the Thickness Grading Apparatus developed by Gerber Maschinenbau. The device simplifies the process of sorting, measuring and classifying in an amazingly simple way. The DS200 sorts small parts such as watch and industrial jewels, processed parts, rough watch movements and machine produced parts, cylindrical pins, balls and pinions, small plates. The device sorts small parts made of metal, ceramic, sapphire, glass, stone, diamond, etc. and sorts out defective, bent, deformed parts and parts with burs

Marc Schori, President and CEO René Gerber AG

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