Grand Prix des Exposants 2016 – candidat H2i


New acoustic measurement technology for mechanical watches.


From the watchmaker’s workbench to the production lines of thousands of mechanical movements per day, the acoustic measurement technology is everywhere. Indeed, it is proven, fast and reliable.

But it also suffers from insufficient evolution, making it incompatible with the needs and requests of watch manufacturers.

We kept the essential.

Then we changed everything

The new technology developed by H2i engineers keeps the reliable basic of professional acoustic measurement: the signal of the escapement is received by a piezoelectric sensor and treated through a temperature compensated quartz oscillator (TCXO) for a perfect timebase control (< 0.1 second per day).

The major evolution is in the deep miniaturization of the global system and the use of common USB standard of communication making it easily cross-platform compatible (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, etc.).

Make it your own.

We can integrate our new technology into production lines, laboratories, watchmaker’s benches, boutiques, events, etc. to fit all your ideas. We can also either develop a user interface for your specific application, or give you access to an encapsulated .dll file containing the algorithms.

Yes. It is that simple.

Be creative.

Thanks to our skills in design, product and software development, we will accompany you through each step of creation process to manufacture the product adapted to your particular needs.

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