Grand Prix des Exposants 2016 – candidat Lumentum

Company Profile

Lumentum designs and manufactures laser components and subsystems for a wide range of applications that support semiconductor, microelectronics, biotech, display, and consumer-electronics markets. Lumentum Q-Series lasers continue to lead the market for high-power UV ns Q-switched lasers for high-precision, micromachining applications required for the manufacturing of silicon wafers and printed circuit boards. Our kW-class high-power fiber laser engines serve demanding metal cutting and welding applications. Ultrafast industrial lasers enable high-volume applications for OEMs and are ideal for micromachining, bio-instrumentation and metrology. Ultrafast scientific lasers are based on a flexible, customizable platform for standard or customer-driven requirements.


Product Profile

The PicoBlade® 2 laser is the new picosecond micromachining platform developed with reliability and performance in mind to address the most demanding 24/7 applications. It is based on the Lumentum proprietary, wear-and-tear free Semiconductor Saturable Absorber Mirror (SESAM®) technology and a master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) design with an advanced pulse capability. The PicoBlade 2 provides additional capabilities in a footprint 50 % smaller than its predecessor. It leverages the successful market adoption of the PicoBlade platform, but adds a number of market-proven features that distinguish it from competitive offerings.

·       FlexBurst ™ and MegaBurst ™— gives user the ability to split the energy of a single pulse (single pulse mode) into a group of pulses (burst mode). Correctly aligning this capability with the type of material processed can further minimize heat effect and increase the ablation rate from the cutting sample.

·       AccuTrig™ — provides accurate triggering function for “on-the-fly” processing capabilities.

·       SYNC — enables precise timing control for applications benefitting from the increased productivity achieved with high-speed galvo or line scanners.

PicoBlade 2 has one of the largest frequency operating ranges — from single shot to 8MHz. This ability, when coupled to SYNC, provides the necessary combination to leverage high-speed polygon line scanning for high-volume manufacturing.

PicoBlade 2 comes with different power levels and is available at the fundamental wavelength of 1064 nm, as well as green (532 nm) and UV (355 nm), all three models coming in the same package size.


For more information, see PicoBlade 2 data sheet and press release, FlexBurst application note and AccuTrig white paper


Application Lab where Lumentum can help customers identify the right laser type for a wide variety of materials

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