Several companies from The Greater Nagoya Initiative again at EPHJ EPMT SMT

As 2017 EPHJ-EPMT-SMT edition, several companies from the Greater Nagoya Initiative are going to show their knowledge again this year at Palexpo.

The Greater Nagoya Initiative is one of the Japan’s local revitalization projects inaugurated by Chubu bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The purpose of GNI is to promote the industry and the economy in Greater Nagoya area so as to attract companies, technology, people, and information to foreign companies to invest in the area.

Azumi Techno

Injection mold parts for high precision functional components. High precision and medical equipment parts (microneedles for medical treatment, hold cutting in disposable needles used for surgery, research equipment parts.)

Iwata Tool

SP center, center drill, TOGLON hard series for HRC40-72 hardened steel, high-speed processing is possible for ordinary steel GP drill, micro tools, PCD, CBN, special order cutting tools and more.


Ultra-precision parts for optical and medical applications. Precision plastic parts for watch, automobile, meter, camera, etc.


Ultra-precision machining for single crystal diamond, water-jet machining, MC (5axis), NC etc.


Manufacture & sale of machine tools, forging machines, electronic measurement units, and industrial machines. Development & manufacture of various super-precision grinders, nano machines, super-precision measurement systems, etc.


Fine hole processing from Φ 20 micron to resin, machinable ceramics, and metals with very small tolerance. Microfabrication.

 NEW ENTRY: Ohori Grinding Company

Finish grinding of spindles of machining tools and hydraulic parts for aircrafts, as well as test pieces of new materials.  Handling various types of grinding from φ1㎜ up to φ600㎜.  Working  on high precision cylindrical grinding,  internal grinding,  and flat grinding, which were thought to be impossible by grinding, and achieved 0.002㎜ to0.003㎜ in accuracy for circularity,  cylindricality,  and perpendicularity.

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