Sunpartner Technologies – Wysips Reflect®

Over the past years Sunpartner Technologies has developed Wysips Reflect® (besides 4 other mature technologies), the world’s first and only ultra-thin transparent solar component dedicated to the watch market. In practice, every flat surface in the watch (cover glass, dial, electronic display) can be turned into an energy contributor when combined with Wysips® layer.

The module is a transparent photovoltaic energy harvester, available in different shapes and forms, so it can be integrated into:

  • Quartz watches, connected watches
  • Protective glass on sensors, mobile phones, IoT, etc
  • Every product with a reflective display

The photovoltaic pattern is dedicated to your application, to optimize the module power production and transparency:

  • Different patterns are available ; the degree of transparency varies according to device characteristics
  • Mixed patterns can be realized on a same surface, to optimize the power production for a specific design (mix of two different transparency rates, or even mix of plain photovoltaic surface and transparent photovoltaic surface)
  • The patterns are optimized for reducing optical effects on a reflective screen

Added Value:

  • Wysips® Reflect extend connected watch autonomy from +30% to +50%
  • Power additional features.

See examples of watches equipped with the Wysips® Reflect technology, as well as raw samples and electronics dedicated, on our booth number H55!


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Combined Shape
Combined Shape