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Wearatec, a Toronto (Canada) wearable tech company, and Manufacture Jean Rousseau, Pelousey (France) luxury leather goods company, are announcing a strategic partnership to bring to the luxury watch industry LINK™, a smart clasp/buckle designed at making traditional watches smart.

Wearatec is a high tech company, founded by Dilshan Modaragamage, with team of engineers, who is developing a unique watch clasp /buckle with built-in electronics and curved display.

Manufacture Jean Rousseau is a 62 years old luxury leather goods company based outside Besançon, in eastern France, which is supplying leather watch straps as key partner to the premium and luxury Swiss watch industry.

The key features of the Link™ smart clasp is to provide any traditional timepieces with smart watch functionality: Fitness and health tracking, contactless payment via a digital wallet, notifications, remote control of other devices using Bluetooth and NFC , push alerts and built in microphone.

The Link™ smart clasps which are in the final stage of development will be available by Q1 2017.

According to the partnership, it is agreed that Manufacture Jean Rousseau team will promote Link™ and Wearatec technology to its OEM Swiss watch partners and major Swiss luxury watch brands. The Link™ smart clasp being also available at Jean Rousseau Boutiques and retail network.

Link™ clasp and technology will be displayed at next EPHJ Geneva to take place June 14/17 – Manufacture Jean Rousseau # R9

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