ATEX hot-air dryer: the complete drying solution

Dryer users have been asking for it for a long time, Patric concept has done it. The company has developed the first ATEX hot-air dryer, filling a gap in this machine category.

Patric concept’s wide range of engineering services makes it a leading partner in the realization of any industrial project. Our services range from consultancy to feasibility studies, development, improvement of logistics flows, safety and ergonomics in the workplace, and the realization of specific solutions. With ATEX certification, Patric concept’s overall aim is to increase its customers’ safety and productivity.

Numerous improvements

Starting with an existing accessory, Patric concept’s engineers have developed a real machine, taking care to make a number of improvements over existing dryer models on the market, in terms of process, safety, energy savings and user-friendliness.

Process advantages

Thanks to its air circulation turbines, the ATEX dryer offers high speed and excellent drying quality, whether static or dynamic. Equipped with an energy-saving module and an automatic preheating device, the dryer also features an air recycling system that saves time and energy. Regulated by a servomotor, the acceleration and rotation phases are perfectly controlled to avoid any impact on parts during drying cycles. Between the various drying phases, vertical agitation can be programmed to loosen the parts.

These innovations and improvements ensure the reliability of drying cycles, which in turn offers the possibility of linking sequences ad infinitum.

User-friendly operation

This has been improved in a number of ways, including a 15” touch-screen user interface for simple recipe programming.

Once saved, parameters such as speed and direction of rotation, acceleration/deceleration, vertical agitation, drying temperature and choice of internal air circulation with or without recirculation can be transferred to another machine via USB key.

To facilitate the transition to this new dryer, its designers have ensured that all accessories for existing dryer models are compatible. In addition, a pneumatic lid opening aid has been integrated.

An eagerly awaited machine

One of Patric concept’s strengths is its ability to offer products that break with the usual standards, and this dryer is a perfect example. According to Thierry Favre, “Our customers and prospects have been waiting for it for a long time, and now they have an efficient, ATEX-safe product that really meets their needs, and which they are ready to invest in”.

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