Aomi Precision Co, first participation at EPHJ

This Japanese manufacturer, named after its current CEO, is celebrating its 60th anniversary and is looking to seduce the medtech world in Geneva… and even more…

 «We decided to participate to promote our technical capabilities and develop sales channels in Switzerland, the world’s most famous country in the field of microfabrication technology» answers Tsuyoshi Aomi about his first participation at the exhibition. Interview.


Could you briefly describe your skills and talents?

We are a leading Japanese manufacturer specializing in ultra-precision machining of complex shapes and difficult-to-machine materials. We are particularly strong in micro machining of less than 1mm and tolerance ±0.002mm, machining of a wide range of materials from resin to ultra heat-resistant alloys such as titanium and cobalt, ultra thin-wall machining of 0.035mm thickness, and micro stent machining of φ1 or less, and earned a strong reputation in this field. In addition, we have established a quality assurance system using world-class 3D measuring machines.

What are your current business sectors and those you’d like to win?
We have experience in high precision parts machining for medical, automotive, semiconductor, optical equipment, robotics, and aerospace industries… We would like to profit from medical, watch industry, etc..

In 2025, your company will celebrate its 60th anniversary. What are the main revolutions you’ve had to face?
We have responded to the needs of the rapidly changing times under our credo of “Never say ‘I can’t, challenge until you can do it!”. We are changing from mass production to high-mix low-volume production and from low-difficulty to high-difficulty processing.

I heard you have a lot of Swiss-made machineries? Could you tell us about them?
By using the world’s top-class Swiss-made high-performance machines, we can perform complex, high-precision, micro-shape, small-diameter with deep hole, thin, long with high-precision, thin-wall with high-precision, and other difficult machining.

In which products can we find the components you manufacture?

Automotive parts, mainly internal combustion engine parts, racing parts such as F1 and Moto Gp, next-generation automotive parts such as flying cars and hydrogen cars, etc. Also medical parts, ophthalmic, dental, orthopaedic, vascular treatment, endoscopes, surgical support robots, etc. And Semiconductor parts, mainly manufacturing equipment parts, special valves, etc.

What does infinitely small mean to you?

We will challenge any small diameter. Minimum tolerance is 0.0005mm for grinding, 0.002mm for cutting. The maximum tolerance can be adjusted according to the customer’s request.

Joël A. Grandjean

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