Bergeon: colour metrology under control

Colorcatch Nano 2, the ultimate in colour measurement, has arrived! This patented and highly accurate colorimeter is the only one in the world to be equipped with a Bluetooth camera that can be connected to a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to point to a precise detail of the colour you want to measure.

Both compact and accurate, this revolutionary colour-measuring device magnifies the desired image six times, making life easier for all professionals who measure colours in watchmaking and other microtechnologies.

Colour is omnipresent, and in watchmaking it is one of the basic building blocks of the watch, so being able to measure it accurately is vital. Whether it be a leather strap, a dial, hands or indices, or even movement components, mass production requires solid guarantees of reproducibility and conformity in relation to the prototype colours. Yet often, when it comes to control, it is the human eye that ends up doing the work, despite being subject to fatigue, fluctuating performance and finite capabilities.

Fortunately, help is now at hand with Colorcatch Nano 2, which overcomes the inevitable variations in light and the natural limitations of human vision, giving the eyes a rest while still maintaining the most rigorous standards of control. When a colour reference and its tolerances are pre-registered, the colour control of parts by Colorcatch Nano 2 can be checked precisely, accurately and quickly.

Joël A. Grandjean

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