Blue Phosphor, the AI magic wand

Quality is a must when it comes to watches and jewellery. At the upcoming EPHJ show, AnotherBrain will showcase how it is using artificial intelligence (AI) to inspect the appearance of items.

Uncompromising quality

AnotherBrain – a startup that is home to 40 AI researchers – designed a software platform it calls Blue Phosphor® to enhance and verify the visual quality of manufactured products. At EPHJ 2024, its team will present the two key pillars driving this solution, Vision and Pilot, which support consistent quality by delivering robust and objective inspection capability. Vision draws on its connection to systems that optically assess parts to capture data, which is then compared with the idealised model to check its compliance.

AI is contributing to the emergence of a new generation of quality specialists who are relieved of the burden of performing arduous and repetitive tasks.

An intuitive heat map allows this application to locate functional, aesthetic or structural defects with pinpoint accuracy. Meanwhile, Pilot configures and organises this data, enabling the user to set the desired tolerance thresholds. Based on Organic AI, a solution inspired by nature, the system’s learning capabilities mean that users can continuously improve the qualitative performance of the production team.

This quality control can be carried out on an ongoing basis for internal manufacturing or by subcontractors. Visitors to EPHJ may also be interested in the company’s annual user licence lease programme. Above a threshold of around CHF 15,000, human know-how can be supplemented with AI automation to improve quality at manufacturing companies. (Photo: AnotherBrain)

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