Bumotec 191neo vertical machining centre: controls focused on digital processing

The 191neo vertical machining centre from Swiss manufacturer Bumotec has plenty to offer high-precision professionals. This reliable, efficient and highly modular solution is prized for its excellent versatility, enabling it to meet the many challenges involved in machining high-added-value precision parts.

In a bid for perfection, Vuadens added a man-machine interface that is not only ergonomic, but also Industry 4.0-ready. The user can swipe on the Microsoft Windows-powered touch screen to move back and forth between screens. The system monitors the progress of current machining operations, configures the programming and monitors production in real time.

Training operators is intuitive and user-friendly, reducing the skill level required. Leveraging the production reliability and stability of the Bumotec s191, this latest addition to the range focuses more on digital processing. The unit is compatible with the latest production technologies and can be managed remotely, opening it up to the wonderful world of artificial intelligence.

Michel Pech

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Combined Shape
Combined Shape