Create a dark zone on your workbench at the touch of a button

Simple and yet so practical, this compact device launched by Techniwatch, a company based in Le Locle, Switzerland, is exactly what watchmakers need when they want to check the photoluminescent pigments on their watch dials and hands under daylight conditions.

Its compact size and light weight – weighing in at just 160 grams and a mere 88 mm tall – make the new luminescence testing unit a perfectly ingenious yet practical and essential tool.

Press the button on top to switch on a UV lamp that illuminates the inspection zone, which is fully sheltered from ambient light. So, no matter how bright the working environment, the watchmaker can use this unit to clearly see the glowing dial and hands.

Using the adjustable focus loupe, the craftsman can check that the luminescent materials – such as Super-LumiNova® – have been correctly applied to the surface in question. And since TechniWatch’s clever designers have thought of everything, this loupe also features a UV filter to prevent repeated exposure to ultraviolet rays.

The unit can be recharged via the USB port and photoluminescent references can be clipped to a removable insert inside the unit so they are as close as possible to the product being inspected.

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Techniwatch is renowned for the endless creativity it brings to standard and custom products that straddle the line between watchmaking tools and marketing items that many brands love to sell and give away. With the EPHJ Show just around the corner, it’s impossible to choose just one innovation among the dozen or so creations that will be unveiled.

Joël A. Grandjean

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