Cutting-edge metallurgy for watchmaking and medicine: Vulkam and its new amorphous metal alloys

Nominated twice for the Exhibitors Grand Prix, French start-up Vulkam returns to EPHJ 2024 with Vulkalloys, its expanded range of amorphous metal alloys. The company’s core business is the production of new metals for high-value-added industries. Drawing from the pool of talented researchers in the Grenoble region, Vulkam has developed an end-to-end process that entails smelting metal and then its processing via thermomoulding. The first step results in homogeneous globulisation of the material, while the second guarantees the creation of a mould that is as close as possible to that required. The process guarantees parts that are as close as possible to the shape of the mould and made of an exceptionally pure alloy. This technology serves as a platform for a production process that delivers the high-level quality required by the watchmaking and medical industries, while reducing the consumption of metals and primary resources. The company even announced that it has cut resource waste by a factor of six thanks to the Vulkam process. Lastly, its five alloys deliver mechanical strength and surface finishes of the highest level.

Michel Pech

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Combined Shape
Combined Shape