Drop & Lumen: cleaning and optical metrology of parts at the exit of the machines

No more artisanal cleaning of small parts in more or less clean bins! No more optical measurement in dedicated rooms far from the machines! By imagining two independent modules of small dimensions to be placed directly near the turning machines to clean and measure the parts in the demanding environment of the workshops, Petitpierre SA proposes a real innovative added value which allows a saving of time, logistics and reliability.

Lumen, the solution for optical measurement directly at the machine exit, allows instant measurement of parts with a size between 0.1 and 15mm thanks to a simple and fast vertical or horizontal positioning according to the nature of your parts (revolution parts or plate type parts). The part is immediately detected in the customer’s references and measured after an intelligent analysis of the cleanliness of the fitting. A cleaning kit for the optics is also provided. Interchangeability, fast changeover, no tooling and adjustment-free changeover are among the many advantages of the Lumen.
In order to be measured correctly, the parts must be perfectly cleaned. Drop, the controlled automatic unit cleaning module, guarantees repeatable cleaning quality, perfect synchronization of the cleaning and measuring processes with the right amount of solvent for the part and one-time use of benzine. Three simultaneous cleanings are possible and facilitated thanks to a very precise, easy to use and automatically cleaned vacuum gripper.
The combined Drop + Lumen package, for which a patent has been filed, is therefore a real progress for the cleaning and optical measurement of small parts directly at the machine exit.

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Combined Shape
Combined Shape