“EPHJ 2021 will play a key role in accelerating the post-lockdown industrial recovery”

Interview with the EPHJ Director

With less than three months to go, can you tell us what EPHJ 2021 will look like?

Five hundred exhibitors have already confirmed they’ll be there. Now that the Swiss federal authorities have relaxed the health measures, this could encourage other companies to join us. Having said that, even thought there will be a significant reduction in size, exhibitors and visitors will not see much difference because we’ll adapt our plans so that booths enjoy optimal visibility.

Will participants be required to show a health passport at the entrance?

We are considering the possibility of requiring you to present proof of health protection at the entrance: a PCR test, a vaccination certificate or proof that you had COVID-19 less than six months ago. That will allow us to take off our masks and be more comfortable inside the Palexpo exhibition hall, which is much better for promoting contacts between exhibitors and visitors.

What about visitor numbers?

There will be fewer international visitors, apart from Europeans from neighbouring countries. In terms of visitor quality, in particular representatives of brands and finished products, we spoke with the senior executives of these companies to invite them to encourage their executives to come to the Show by highlighting the quality of the innovations that will be on display and the great expectations of exhibitors. A dynamic industrial recovery depends on everyone. We must all stand together.

Give us three good reasons to come to EPHJ from 14 to 17 September.

The quantity and quality of the innovations that will be on display, the need to meet again in order to revitalise our businesses and a reminder that EPHJ is a one-of-a-kind event for meeting, sharing, doing business and signing contracts.

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