EPHJ: The place to be !

You could not have made your feelings clearer! Our usual visitor satisfaction survey conducted at the end of EPHJ 2023 found that 98% of respondents rated the quality of exhibitors as good or excellent! As if that weren’t enough, the survey also reveals that the EPHJ Show, besides being very good for business, serves as a kind of industrial and commercial benchmark for measuring progress in the high-precision industry.

EPHJ – The place to do business!

Another resounding verdict!  A remarkable 99% of 2023 exhibitors rated the quality of visitors as good or excellent – a record high! This is hardly surprising when you consider that almost 95% of visitors are executives or decision-makers who have an influence on purchasing and suppliers. To sum up, virtually all visitors were satisfied with the quality of the exhibitors, and vice versa. These two groups were made for each other, and EPHJ was happy to act as matchmaker! Unsurprisingly then, 88% of exhibitors said they had done business during the show or would be doing so in the near future. Mission accomplished!

EPHJ – The place to anticipate our future

Our survey also reveals that EPHJ acts as an interactive showcase for the future of the high-precision industry. Not only does it offer a benchmark of the sectors represented, it also provides a glimpse of things to come, thanks to the many innovations and technological advances on display. This is amply demonstrated by the success of the nominees for the Exhibitors’ Grand Prix, our award for the best innovations.

EPHJ – The place that follows you with Application

The EPHJ mobile app has a useful life well beyond the show itself. Again according to our visitor survey, while half of respondents used the app to discover new companies, suppliers or potential partners, the same proportion (43.8%) plan to use it between shows to find a business and take advantage of the information available. In a constantly changing world, our mobile app with its regularly updated database is a real asset.

EPHJ – The place where watchmaking and medtech combine their skills

Despite EPHJ’s historical focus on watchmaking, the other technology sectors represented are also thriving at the show. As proof of this, representatives from nearly 300 firms in the medical industry attended EPHJ in 2023! High-precision companies diversifying into medtech therefore have every interest in showcasing their expertise in this field or joining the medtech section of the show, even at a time when the watch market is growing. After all, you never know what lies around the corner…

EPHJ – The place to be welcomed

This year, EPHJ welcomed 21,780 trade visitors and 750 exhibitors. The EPHJ community is always made to feel welcome, thanks among other things to preferential accommodation rates in the vicinity of Palexpo. If you are planning to come to Geneva and wish to take advantage of these rates, please email your request to Palexpo Hotel Reservation at info@palexpohotelreservation.ch.

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