Friderici Spécial at EPHJ: transport and high precision

Friderici Spécial has long stood out for offering end-to-end service in its four core businesses: transport, lifting and hoisting, industrial handling and flexible storage solutions.

Let’s look at a concrete case. When a machine arrives that has been ordered from abroad by a company in the watchmaking or other microtechnology sectors, it is impossible to know when exactly it will clear customs and arrive at its delivery point.

Storage solutions to the rescue

There are always plenty of inevitable unforeseen events, which means teams have to be mobilised to move it, receive it and install it – it’s all a big headache. To avoid hassles, overtime and general uproar, between the two points there are depot and storage sites with teams capable of taking action and receiving the order at any time.

In leveraging transitional spaces and temporary storage sites to help out top logistics pros, Friderici Spécial stands out on this side of French-speaking Switzerland, and even beyond the Geneva-Vallée de Joux-Jura corridor. Its response to these types of issues makes the difference. Especially since situations can sometimes get bogged down: for example, when a large machine arrives before the site where it will be set up has been cleared – or sometimes even before the site has been built! In situations like these, long-term storage, initially intended to serve as a lull in transport, can be a life-saver.

How do all these machines get to the Show?

On the eve of a show like EPHJ, the biggest annual trade show in Switzerland, the back-and-forth traffic between company premises and their exhibition sites obviously intensifies. And if exhibitors are machine manufacturers, when companies choose to temporarily ‘relocate’ one or more units, then Friderici will be operating flat-out. It has on-site teams capable of doing what’s necessary without causing any damage at all, providing all the tools needed to move items around, and sometimes even using cranes to lift items through windows instead of taking the service lift. The tonnes of machines being moved about must make it to their destination in perfect condition.

“Only professionals whose expertise goes hand in hand with many hours of experience can handle the most extreme situations.”

With its headquarters in Orbe and two vast depots in Vernier and Tolochenaz, where the company was founded in the late 19th century, Friderici Spécial has gradually moved out of bulk operations to specialise in dealing with extraordinary, complicated and unusual loads. “Developing optimal solutions in line with technical and organisational requirements is what we do on a daily basis,” says Blaise Friderici, Technical Sales Director and grandson of the founder.

A reputation for ethics and honesty

This customised approach to transport enables the company to reconnect with its founding values. At that time, in 1946, right after the Second World War, the company diversified its road transport service and kicked off its international transport business by delivering Red Cross parcels to France – which is certainly one of the reasons why its reputation extends beyond Europe’s borders.

Friderici Spécial will have a booth at EPHJ.

By Joël A. Grandjean / JSH Magazine

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