Horlyne joins Acrotec Group

Horlyne, renowned for its expertise in designing high-end oscillating weights, has joined Acrotec Group, bolstering end-to-end skills in the group’s watchmaking division.

From its headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Horlyne has continued to grow and develop, emerging as one of the recognised leaders in the manufacture of high-end oscillating weights through its impeccable mastery of the entire production chain – a feat made possible by leveraging and integrating three key watchmaking skills: engine-turning, setting and engraving.

This extraordinary expertise clearly impressed the leadership of Acrotec Group, who welcomed Horlyne’s desire to move towards Acrotec’s business federation model. “When the problem of my succession arose,” Horlyne Director Raymond Leitenberg explains, “it just made sense for me to get in touch with Acrotec, whose values are very close to our own. This is a very important guarantee of long-term sustainability, synergies and growth for Horlyne.

Significantly, both Horlyne and Acrotec Group often work for the same watchmaking customers, prestigious brands that have trusted them both for many years. “This acquisition is a marriage of convenience as well as passion,” says Acrotec Group CEO François Billig. “Horlyne brings us know-how that perfectly complements our expertise in oscillating weights, and its top-of-the-range processing for this watch component is the market benchmark. I am absolutely delighted that the Horlyne team is joining our watchmaking family. They truly merit their place alongside their peers.

Horlyne’s inclusion in Acrotec Group was finalised and signed on 4 May.

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