How can you make sense of the jungle of ESG certifications and labels?

The EPHJ Round Table on 15 June addressed a wide-ranging issue, with a panel of experts avoiding the all-too-easy trap of greenwashing and focusing instead on the role of companies that want or need to embark on this virtuous path. Jonathan Normand, CEO of B-Lab, Leila Pamingle, Director of Ecoparc and Yvan Kohli, CEO of Mayday unanimously recognised the need for more universal standards.

“This common grammar for ESG/RSE benchmarks is emerging thanks to the ongoing development of the European taxonomy,” explains Jonathan Normand. This is an essential objective if we are to see things more clearly. Even if everyone agrees that if a company really wants to embark on this ESG path, all the information is currently available if you want to take the trouble. Training courses are also available if a company wants its managers to improve their knowledge of the subject and become internal leaders in deploying real action plans. Companies must see themselves not as executors but as committed players.

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