Kpitaine takes you into Industry 4.0

A new company at the EPHJ Show, Kpitaine makes it easy to implement digital lean management in industry to boost your performance, save time, share information in real time, solve problems in the field and, ultimately, improve your economic reality.

Centralise your data, organise your information and improve your SQCDP performance indicators by giving your teams a tool to help them make quick and effective decisions. Save time and improve efficiency when preparing and running your meetings and leadership routines: AIC, TOP5, QRQC, etc.

For real-time information, 80% of content is automatically updated and synchronised, so you can get the right information to the right people at the right time. And to solve your operational problems on the spot, the proposed solution allows you to involve and empower your teams by making it easier to report problems and monitor their resolution.

By becoming a 4.0 company, you can reassure your customers, suppliers and auditors, and boost your employer brand to retain and recruit the best talent.

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Combined Shape