Microlution ML-5 from GF Machining Solutions: exceptional precision!

A number of innovations that marked the 2023 edition of the EPHJ Show deserve a fresh look. We begin this series with GF Machining Solutions, which presented its Microlution ML-5 machine, a laser micromachining solution for the watchmaking industry. The ML-5 offers consistent precision, reduced machining times and great design flexibility. Using femtosecond laser technology, it can machine a variety of materials without thermally affecting the machined areas. The ML-5 demonstrates its versatility in the manufacture of different watchmaking geometries, delivering exceptional results and highlighting its ability to meet the geometric and technological challenges of the watchmaking industry.

GF Machining Solutions, a member of the Swiss Georg Fischer Group, specialises in advanced machining solutions. It offers EDM machines, CNC machining centres, milling and turning machines, lasers and automation solutions. The company also offers training, maintenance and technical support services to its customers around the world.

In the watch industry, GF Machining Solutions recognises the challenges it faces, such as increased competition, changing consumer tastes and constant technological advances. To meet these challenges, the company is committed to developing the best technologies and offers the Microlution ML-5, a laser micromachining machine specially designed for the watchmaking industry.

The Microlution ML-5 offers exceptional precision in the machining of watchmaking parts thanks to the use of femtosecond lasers. It can machine a variety of materials without thermally affecting the machined areas, offering exceptional surface quality. The machine offers rapid micro-drilling, real-time motion control and precise part handling. The machine offers consistent precision, reduces machining time and encourages creative design.

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