Mitutoyo delivers an all-in-one solution for measuring cylindrical workpieces

Mitutoyo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for measuring mechanical parts.

The Japanese company’s Roundtracer Extreme measuring machine, which was nominated for the Innovation Trophies at a recent trade show, integrates roundness, contour and roughness deviation measurement functions in a single platform. It offers exceptional speed, accuracy and operability, according to the manufacturer. In addition, it can measure parts in a wide variety of shapes, from camshafts to bearings. High-precision mechanical manufacturing companies can leverage this triple-feature measuring system to consolidate their processes, saving them time on measurements and optimising productivity across the entire value chain.

Mitutoyo’s Roundtracer Extreme measuring machine delivers comprehensive efficiency gains when measuring the roundness of simple or complex parts.



Measurement repeatability has been significantly improved thanks to the new centring table, which reduces positional changes of the workpiece during the measurement process. The improved positioning accuracy of the X and Z axes greatly increases measurement reproducibility compared with previous models. The newly developed sliding axis, detector and detector holder help prevent workpiece interference while enabling continuous automatic measurements. Throughput has been significantly increased.

The machine now offers best-in-class axis drive speed, according to the manufacturer.

Michel Pech


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Combined Shape
Combined Shape