MPS Watch wins the 2023 Exhibitors’ Grand Prix with its Oscrew system for oscillating weights

The winner of the EPHJ 2023 Exhibitors’ Grand Prix, voted for by his peers, is no exception to the rule for innovations that add real value to their market.

Elected by its peers at the end of a suspense that lasted right up to the last moment of the exhibitors’ vote, MPS WATCH won thanks to its Oscrew innovation, unveiled at the EPHJ 2023 Show. Oscrew is a new system for attaching oscillating weights to bearings, the brainchild of MPS Watch’s brilliant R&D team headed by Pierre-Jean Bonnet. Oscrew is designed for rotors with a streamlined design that can be dismantled without the need for additional components,” explains Pierre-Jean Bonnet. It therefore offers a number of innovative advantages”.

Undeniable technological advantages

In recent watch movements, the oscillating weight is generally rotated by a ball bearing. The whole assembly forms the rotor of the automatic watch. To date, there are several methods of fixing the bearing to the oscillating weight: crimping, which offers an attractive, streamlined design but cannot be dismantled if one of the two rotor components needs to be replaced; locking blades, which allow interchangeability but are not very compatible with the most upmarket watches; and the Flyfix system from MPS, with its additional nut, which is an aesthetic, dismantlable and reliable solution, but requires the necessary space for integration.

Oscrew offers an aesthetic similar to that of crimped rotors, can be dismantled and requires no additional components. Hence the added value of the product, recognised by the profession. “We wanted to create an oscillating weight that nobody else has,” says Frédéric Chautems, Director of MPS Watch.

A reliable, tested solution

Laboratory tests demonstrated the reliability of this solution. Rotors were subjected to vibrations, repeated shocks and shocks weighing 5,000 g. This means that the Oscrew system can be used for all types of product, including sports watches subjected to the toughest conditions.

MPS Watch is a division of MPS Micro Precision System, headed by Nicola Thibaudeau. It develops and produces ball bearings, movement components and oscillating weights for its customers, the watch manufacturers. It invented the watchmaking ball bearing in 1947 and is still considered an expert in this product today. Oscrew truly represents the essence of MPS Watch,” enthuses Nicola Thibaudeau. This creation is totally in line with the MPS values of innovation, trust, loyalty and durability. I would like to extend my warmest thanks to the exhibitors for their recognition!

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