Start-up pitch 2021: three-minute showcases

As is now a tradition at every EPHJ Show, we offered 16 promising start-ups the chance to present their company in a short video recorded during the Show and uploaded to the EPHJ YouTube channel here.

This month, we will be looking at three of these start-ups in more detail: Sy&Se, Authentic Material and Kpitaine. We will describe the others in future newsletters. 

Sy&Se has developed two technologies. The first allows for the low-temperature bonding of glass to ceramics and metals, without glue or welding, delivering high mechanical strength and a perfect seal between the two materials. Sy&Se’s second innovative technology improves the adherence of thin films applied to various substrates via PVD, ALD and electroplating. These two multifunctional technologies can be applied in the watchmaking, semiconductor and medtech industries.

Authentic Material specialises in manufacturing natural materials, reusing waste and other sources to make materials that can be used by industry. Creating natural materials from waste, scrap cuttings and mineral sources allows the company to satisfy the needs of certain industries, particularly watchmaking, by applying the principles of the circular economy.

 Kpitaine has developed a dynamic signage system that uses innovative software to communicate the right information at the right time, to the right people and in the right place to ensure optimum decision-making. Its multi-data dashboards (displaying performance, production, quality, deadline and cost indices) are installed in suitable locations in workshops or offices and are updated automatically.

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