The arrival of coloured transparent ceramics : Polycrystal, Exhibitors’ Grand Prix 2022:

Dr. Jens Klimke, CTO: “With this Grand Prix we received an impressive number of interesting enquiries, not only from the watch and jewellery industry, but also from other branches…” In 2023, business to follow…

On stage, during the award ceremony, Polycrystal holds up its trophy in front of the assembled sector.

An award that brings recognition

The Dresden-based company has just won the Exhibitors’ Grand Prix, a tribute that is all the more valuable because it comes from your fellow exhibitors. The CTO is enthusiastic. The 2023 edition of the EPHJ will allow him to ensure a better follow-up and the concretisation of most of the contacts generated the year before. Not to mention the series of “beautiful projects” carried out as a result of this sudden exposure.

Watchmaking is interested

No, the innovative coloured transparent ceramics that have attracted the attention of players such as PolyCrystal are not intended to replace sapphire in watchmaking. However, they may lead to the advent of different products, entirely designed taking into account the new properties of the new material as well as its promising competitiveness in terms of manufacturing.

In concrete terms, several customers have already placed orders following the last exhibition. As a result, the 2023 edition promises to be dedicated to deepening existing partnerships as well as to opening up new customers.

Prospects also in the medical field n

As for the other sectors of precision micromechanics and Medtech, the biocompatibility and stability of Polycrystal ceramics are particularly sought after. For example, in the field of medical technologies, for medical implants, but also as windows for sensors or as aesthetic and robust housings.

Joël Grandjean

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