The JARYS dragon: a miniature sculpture

“This is as small and complex as we can go – 2 mm long, 0.7 mm high and 0.3 mm wide – but we can make it bigger too,” explained Sacha Pollonghini, founder of JARYS, at his EPHJ booth in June 2021.

This was his first time as an exhibitor at EPHJ, where the start-up entrepreneur spoke about his tiny glass dragon, a miniature sculpture created using an innovative technology consisting of a gentle blend of traditional foundry and lost-wax casting. German company Glassomer handled the 3D printing of the mineral glass, while Kyburz in Marin designed a machine specifically for this technology. A hole can be made anywhere in the mould to inject the molten metal, after which the mould is lost. Whether working with silver, copper, white or rose gold – or any alloy of the three – the mastery lies in not exceeding the melting temperature of the glass, i.e. the mould.

The glass can then be disposed of by breaking it or, if it is to be used as an accessory or frame, it can be kept in one piece by carving it as desired.

Founded in 2020, this young company, which started out at EPFL, is now standing on its own two feet and is enchanting creative watchmakers, even those who might consider using its technology to design indexes smaller than 500 microns, i.e. appliques whose carved profiles lie below the brush of the watch hands. This micro technology truly has infinite, fascinating potential.

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Combined Shape
Combined Shape