“The size, skills and internationalisation of our medtech division open up great prospects for us!”

Quick chat with Sébastien Virtel, CEO of Acrotec Medtech

Acrotec Group’s Medtech division now counts 14 companies, driven by excellent growth in 2023. Does this mean your desire to balance the Group’s three major divisions is on track?

Absolutely, the percentage the Medtech division accounts for in Acrotec Group’s turnover jumped from 20 to 27% in just one year, driven primarily by external growth, i.e. the acquisition of 3 new companies.

Do these three new companies that joined Acrotec in 2023 both bolster the Group’s medtech competencies as well as enhance its geographical diversification?

Yes, that was definitely one of our key objectives. The acquisition of Axial marks our first foray into the American market in the medical devices sector. We also expanded our network for the first time in Germany by acquiring Friedrich Daniels, a company specialising in surgical instruments. And the Dawnlough acquisition enables us to bolster our presence in Ireland, alongside Takumi, and to develop our skills in the cardiovascular segment and robotic surgery.

What’s your outlook for 2024?

We will accelerate our organic growth with promising new projects for the Group. The complementary competencies within our division now means we can develop collective projects involving multiple companies that join forces to meet customer needs. We’ve already done this kind of collaborative work, but it will fully bear fruit next year. We are also working on new acquisitions that will complement our expertise and international network.

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