The Tradition and Passion toolboxes – A dream gift for collectors

Many fans of watchmaking, its history and the expertise involved have already been charmed by this watchmaking toolbox designed by Swiss company Petitpierre, an EPHJ exhibitor.

A Siberian monk has already ordered a non-leather version to give to his master, the Dalai Lama, in person. More recently, Sir Jony Ive, Apple’s former senior vice president and chief design officer, ordered one for his personal use and another for a famous friend. What a paradox: the man who designed the Apple Watch is still deeply passionate about mechanical timepieces.

“I still can’t believe it! This toolbox has had an incredible journey. In 2013, it was on stage as lot no. 15 at the charity RED Auction in New York. Opposite it was a pristine white Steinway & Sons piano on which Coldplay’s Chris Martin played Lou Reed’s A Perfect Day, accompanied by U2’s Bono. The Tradition toolbox was there, surrounded by the jet-set and movie stars, including world-famous actor Harrison Ford. Everything that followed confirmed the extraordinary destiny of this rare object, which always lights up the eyes of fine watchmaking devotees!” confides Boris Petitpierre, General Manager of Petitpierre.

Forty tools in one magical box

When Petitpierre designed their Tradition and Passion versions of their unique watchmaking toolbox, they were not necessarily targeting celebrities. The Neuchâtel-based company wanted to revive the profession of the belfry clockmakers who, battling wind and storms, would tirelessly maintain clocks in bell towers around the world.

We wanted to keep this unusual expertise alive by consolidating, in this captivating box, our extensive experience in developing and manufacturing watchmaking tools and our passion for this legendary craft,” explains Boris.

The elegant and functional toolbox is designed for those who share this passion, whether collectors or master watchmakers. The Tradition box contains 40 extremely high-precision tools delicately arranged in a high-end case. The more affordable Passion box houses 13 tools in the tradition of the great master watchmakers.

An already incredible fate

These tools are made of high-quality materials, such as Macassar ebony and walnut for the handles (and the box itself) and stainless or high-speed steel for tools with specific requirements.

The arrangement of tools in the box has been carefully thought out by watchmakers who are used to using them on a daily basis.

To bring this exclusive design approach to its logical conclusion, Petitpierre has produced a case that allows you to transport your precious tools and toolbox safely.


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Combined Shape