Vertical and horizontal opportunities at EPHJ

Every month that passes sees companies in the manufacturing sector grow horizontally, by expanding their markets, or vertically, by extending their technological expertise. These two types of development are made possible by tie-ups between companies with different backgrounds. The EPHJ Show is an excellent opportunity to forge such contacts. Here are a few examples:

Manufacturing and control meet

Based at Tramelan in the Swiss Jura, transfer machine manufacturer Precitrame Machines is a regular exhibitor at EPHJ. It teamed up with the French firm ESPI for a joint display combining a parts control solution with a machine in the process of being manufactured. This solution offers instant correction of dimensional errors. As a result of this collaboration, in June 2023 Precitrame Machines acquired 100% of the share capital of ESPI and its Swiss subsidiary based in Yverdon. The acquisition will enable Precitrame to focus in the future on production and machining solutions. It also positions ESPI as a leader in very-high-speed three-dimensional measurement and control solutions. “The complementary features of the two companies in terms of skills and products, as well as the growing synergies between the worlds of machining and control, made this merger an obvious choice,” says Olivier Voumard, Managing Director of Precitrame Machines. The move ties in with Precitrame Machines’ strategy of vertical diversification and will strengthen ESPI while guaranteeing the continuity of skills, products and jobs.

Watch machining finds its micro-centre

Part of the Pibomulti group, Emissa is a manufacturer of watch machining solutions and a regular exhibitor at the Geneva show. The French group Pracartis also exhibited in 2022, showcasing its cutting tool ranges and its expertise in machining with high-speed spindles. The two companies have just signed an agreement for the manufacture and sale of the Precibot machining centre. Designed and built by Pracartis under the leadership of Alain Auffret, this high-precision 3-5-axis mini machining centre has a compact aluminium and carbon structure. While retaining high rigidity, the small masses moved by the linear motors allow very fast movements under numerical control. The Precibot is designed to be put in line for the machining of parts for the watchmaking, medical and dental industries. In addition to its machining capabilities, the Precibot’s reduced energy consumption and small footprint make it a machine tool of the future.

BULA Technologie strengthens its position

Last but not least, one of EPHJ’s leading exhibitors, Groupe Recomatic, has announced that it is strengthening its position with the acquisition of Cosmap Srl. The integration of the Italian manufacturer of automatic machines for finishing metal parts is taking place in collaboration with BULA Technologie SA to ensure optimal synergies with the Group’s offering. The dimensional capabilities offered by Cosmap machines and the Italian company’s presence in European and international markets perfectly complement the technical and marketing elements of Groupe Recomatic in general, and those of the BULA Technologie range in particular.

These examples demonstrate the value of exhibiting at a show like EPHJ. With its emphasis on both the verticality of technological solutions and the horizontality of the watchmaking and medical markets, the contacts made are both commercial and strategic.

Michel Pech

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