The five finalists of the Grand Prix des Exposants EPHJ are known !

The world after is now !

The coronavirus crisis has not slowed down our exhibitors’ spirit of innovation and talent. If anything, the opposite is true. Just look at all the innovations submitted for the 2020 Exhibitors Grand Prix!

The 2020 Exhibitors Grand Prix Jury met on Thursday, October 15, 2020 and selected five nominees.

Now more than ever, we encourage you to discover and explore the innovations presented by these five finalists and to vote for your favourite project. All EPHJ exhibitors can vote

Only one vote per exhibitor will be counted. The deadline for casting your vote is Sunday, 8 November at midnight.

The winner of the 2020 Exhibitors Grand Prix and the nominees will be revealed in the EPHJ Newsletter, which will go out to more than 30,000 addresses on 19 November 2020.

Below is a brief description of each nominee:

Fischer Connectors SAThe Fischer Freedom TM range of connectors delivers revolutionary plug & play technology combined with innovative mating (360° mating freedom), locking (blind, non-magnetic quick release) and materials (IP68 membrane-sealed). Fischer-Connectors – EN
Norimat – Spark plasma sintering (SPS) is a powder consolidation technique capable of producing highly dense materials. It enables ceramics to maintain colours and vividness never before possible. A new level of freedom for watch designers! NORIMAT – En
Meyrat SAATC-15 is a new, automatic, compact and revolutionary tool clamping system featuring a new range of spindles (30mm) and a smaller footprint that saves time and results in less scrap. Meyrat_SA
Tornos SAThe Tornos SwissDECO 36 TB is a unique turning/milling solution that gives users the ability to perform complex milling operations on a single machine, including 5-axis simultaneous milling. It is the most powerful machine in its class in terms of spindles, turning tools and machining time. TORNOS En
H2iThe Accuracy Motion is revolutionising the testing and adjustment of the chronometric precision of mechanical movements in 32,400 positions in space, compared to the 6 measurements possible until now. Thanks to direct adjustment with an inertial and strain wave gearing unit, the product is more akin to aerospace technologies than your standard industrial device. H2i-ONEOF-Accuracy-Motion EN

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